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They are very undecided mmmmmmmmmmmmm they reasoned it very calmly. Lavoro spettacolare!!! Sono molto indeciso mmmmmmmmmmmmm ci ragionero con molta calma. Give credits buddy. Kernel credits: XLNC https: I can add it to this post if he does. Thanks Hackintosher. But I am failed on my Asus X Strix motherboard when first boot after finished installation. The system failed to boot and auto-reboot at some point when booting.

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Everything has worked and my system is running. Only the USB ports and bluetooth are not found. For USB, copy spusbreporter. I want to translate it into Chinese so that more people can benefit from it. I will add a reference to the link, may I ask you? Great post and instructions! Thank you! My system:. Ryzen Threadripper x Ram: Fantastic guide, I never have too much luck with most Hackintosh guides but this worked perfectly for me.

Thank you so much for creating this excellent guide. Ryzen 7 RAM: Hello, Dan! Thanks man! Everything worked after following the whole guide, not sure with the sound as I am using an external card. Ethernet is working. Ryzen I receive the cross button inspite of the apple logo.

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Also, when computer sleep and I open the computer, the graphics does not work properly, as in the the graphics card is still sleeping. Hey thanks so much! Everything worked and now I at least have a fully functioning mac os boot. Quick question. When booting will i need to remove my graphics card? I use a gtx and GT Will either of these work when first install if or should i remove them first then install and put it in when done. Is the Or would a complete reinstall be necessary? I tried booting from the other partition but nothing, so I checked the USB drive and all the files were there.

Anyone can help me? Hi, thank you for the guide. Do I need to add some options such as verbose, single user etc.? Thank you. I got it installed now. I added the -v for verbose and it worked fine. Just solved the problem.


Fresh installing macOS High Sierra on AMD Ryzen Hackintosh Guide (10.13)

System works fine now. Hope it stays like this! Great tutorial, thank you!

Did you just keep rebooting and tryin again? Hey dude, first of all — gratz on the great tutorial. Followed the instructions and few issues come to my eyes: Probably my biggest problem — the CPU is not multithreading. Also a final question: Does Bluetooth works at all with some dongles? My system: You are missing the external drives patch I updated the EFI here replace your config. That would be causing it. Guide works pretty well but virtual box says SVM not supported, while I have re enabled it after successful install. After the step 9. What can I do? I have a asus crosshair hero vi and every time the installer loads up and I click the arrow to start installing it tells me it cannot connect to the recovery server.

The installer wont go past that screen even if I unplug the Ethernet cable or disable network.

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Not sure if there is a bypass. This is probably a dumb question, but will the high sierra kernel and efi files work with a sierra usb? I just did this and im stuck with the progress bar at full but no boot. I am stuck on the clover install I have high sierra on my mac. But I cant see to load the EFI for my usb drive on clover.

Stuck on this step: So I got past this bug. So far osx seems to be working fine. Now I need to put it through its paces. But It worked just fine with very few hiccups.

Install Mac OS X Yosemite AMD On Windows On VirtualBox

Nothing major. This is my current system specs: AMD Ryzen 5 Processor 3. Heres the spec sheet for eventual build in case it is needed:. IABootFiles folder. I have the same issue. The folder is no where to be seen even after showing hidden files. Are you able to upload your folder?

Install High Sierra on AMD using AMDHS_Installer v1 [ MacOS / Windows ]

I found out the issue. I follow this post https: Someone know how to fix that? Ensure that you download Virtualbox 4. You will also need Winrar x64 for extracting files. If you do not have this, be sure to download it before getting started. You will also need the image of the OS X Yosemite.

Install Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite AMD On Windows On VirtualBox

Download the latest version for best results. To do this, open the folder where the downloaded file was saved and right-click on it. Once downloaded, it is very easy to set up VirtualBox. Double click on the. It involves following a few instructions that will be shown on the screen. Within a few minutes, you will be done. When done, you will need to reboot the computer. Do this and open VirtualBox to continue with the next steps. You will see the New Virtual Machine wizard that will guide you through the process. Just leave the memory as it is by default.

This is a disk that will make it possible for OS X to boot. For this, you need to have the Niresh Yosemite added. This helps put everything in a manner that supports the OS X. A kernel is a command that needs to be added for a program to execute a certain command. To add the kernel, boot the virtual machine. A black screen will be shown. How do you use these kernels? As soon as you do this, the Yosemite will boot and you can log in and set up your account. Download it onto a USB drive. Be sure to download version 4 of Multibeast, not the older versions 3 or newer version 5 which are for Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion, respectively.

To download the file, open the link and go to "AMD Kernel Upon clicking the "Download" button, you will be given two options.

Ryzen High Sierra Hackintosh Overview

From there, run myHack on your USB drive. Wait for myHack to finish the setup process. Double-click on the ZIP file to open it, and obtain the kernel file. It should look like this. Check out Steps of our Lion installation guide for details-- the guide is supposed to be about Unibeast, but the installation process is the same. You'll still have to make sure that your computer and BIOS are set up Step , and go through the normal installation procedures Steps This means that your Lion installation will be unbootable-- to fix this, you have to delete the standard kernel currently located in your Lion installation, and replace it will the modified kernel located on your myHack USB drive.

Before you do this, make sure that you remember the name of the hard drive that Lion is installed on, and the name of your myHack USB drive. Newer Post Older Post Home.

mac os on amd pc Mac os on amd pc
mac os on amd pc Mac os on amd pc
mac os on amd pc Mac os on amd pc
mac os on amd pc Mac os on amd pc
mac os on amd pc Mac os on amd pc
mac os on amd pc Mac os on amd pc

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