Play mac apps on linux

Unix/Linux synergy

Oh! "Darling" emulator illustrates complexity of bringing Mac software to Linux.

According to this Wikipedia article:. OS X is a series of Unix-based graphical interface operating systems developed and marketed by Apple Inc. Darling link is a project that aims to become analogous to wine.

Mac runs Linux better than itself / The slow Macbook Pro.

Currently it only runs some command-line OSX programs, though. Think of the API, or Application Programming Interface, as something like a car's dashboard - everything is visible to the driver of the car, and you can get into someone else's car and find his different dashboard just as easy to figure out.

Think of the ABI, or Application Binary Interface, as the engine of the car - it can vary greatly between makes and models, and you probably won't be able to trade your Ford engine into a Volvo very easily. Darling would in this analogy be converting the Ford engine to a Volvo chassis, and compiling from source would be like just getting out of your Ford and getting into the Volvo.

One is much simpler to do than the other. But Apple has some proprietary user interface libraries that no one else has, too. If the developer used one of these such as Aqua , you'll have to wait and hope that Darling grows up like Wine did, or port it yourself. If there is no source code released, it'd be like if the engine was made so that it could only possibly fit in a ford and no amount of work would ever change that, unless someone is an absolute insane maniac who has months of free time and ridiculous amount of dedication.

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And GNUStep does not provide an xcode-equivalent build system - that is, if the original developer used the XCode IDE's "build" system exclusively, you may be left writing makefiles for it. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Not easily.

There's Darling , but it's not really usable for desktop apps yet. There's Darling, under development: It currently runs only terminal applications, I do look forward to the day when it can run GUI programs. According to GitHub , Darling has been under development for about 8 years already and it's still in the 'Hello World' stage. Maybe in a few decades we can watch videos in QuickTime. Funny that some people use the word polished for osx, even though Finder is probably the worst file manager ever created.

Between using wine for Windows apps and the awesome ecosystem of Linux apps, what else is there?

Windows Software on Mac & Linux with CrossOver | CodeWeavers

Is there a particular app you were hoping to run or some specific task you wanted to do? Maybe folks can suggest an alternative solution? I've been searching but nothing it's close to those apps. Getting these programs to run at anywhere near acceptable speeds will either never happen or is years down the line.

I am not sure. But there is fork of homebrew. It is called Linuxbrew.

The Best Alternatives To Mac Apps For Linux

It might help, but not sure. This is just a linux package manager. This does not allow you install Mac apps. This is pretty cool though.

The Best Linux Alternatives for macOS Apps

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play mac apps on linux Play mac apps on linux
play mac apps on linux Play mac apps on linux
play mac apps on linux Play mac apps on linux
play mac apps on linux Play mac apps on linux
play mac apps on linux Play mac apps on linux
play mac apps on linux Play mac apps on linux
play mac apps on linux Play mac apps on linux

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