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Tuesday, Nov 7 Praveen Juge. I love having lots of apps on my Mac, I love installing them, using them for three days and then finally uninstalling them.

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But some apps have stuck with me as essentials for a web designer and developer. All of these apps are high quality in design and functionality and all of them have stood the test of time and have been installed on my Mac for a long time. It is the go to when you need some web pages and UI Elements done. It is very powerful, lightweight and all around excellent tool for prototyping, designing and exporting layouts everywhere. Colors are everywhere and we use a lot when we are designing and coding.


The Best Mac Web Design Software — RapidWeaver

Sip makes it easy to select colors from any screen, collect all of them in one place and, my favourite, share it in many formats. A simple app that magically compresses images into small sizes without any change in quality of the image. It is super simple to use and works perfectly every time. Probably the most costly app in this list but worth it. I use this app for animations and editing videos. Say goodbye to the command line. If you still use FTP, a great app is Transmit. Mixture for web development. It allows me to quickly create a website using any boilerplate fetches latest version automatically , it converts my SASS into CSS, it auto reloads the website and creates a local server, it can push to GitHub, and many more.

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If you want just an app for live reloading of website use LiveReload. Alternative Prepros. Byword for writing.

Best Web Design Software - Top 10 List

A minimal app that inspires you to write. Alternatives are iA Writer or SublimeText.

Design a pixel-perfect website

Transmission for torrenting. Having paid for a higher education that taught me only a couple of useful things, I now value free knowledge and try to give some, through this blog. This is a topic for another blog post, though…. ImageOptim for reducing file size of graphics. It works like magic, you drag and drop your images, and ImageOptim reduces their file size. LiveView for broadcasting your screen to an iOS device. Useful for designers developing graphics for iOS devices. Supports retina as well. You can also control the cursor of your Mac from the iOS device, useful when doing design prototypes or presentations.

Requires Live View installed on the iOS device as well. Alternative app: Skala Preview. Useful for demos, presentations, tutorials, or product videos. The product video demo I did for HopIn was created with this app. ScreenFlow for recording your screen. The best app for this job. The tutorial I did to show you how to make your sites pretty on retina was created with this app.

Induction for connecting to databases. I suck at Terminal and the command line. Induction lets me connect and browse databases easily. Utilities In order of usage I define utilities as small apps, that run in the background and help you with specific tasks, or make your life easier. It allows you to connect your NTFS drives to your Mac without formatting them in a weird format readable only by Macs. Thanks to this, I can still use my external drives on other Operating Systems. Doing that allows me to work more by staying up late, and staring at my screen longer without hurting my eyes.

It might look weird at first, but once you get used to it, your eyes will love it.

Brightness Slider for reducing screen brightness. Especially during the night, your eyes will thank you. Moom for managing app windows. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts for frequently used app screen locations. Slicy for exporting assets from Photoshop. Drag and drop your PSD, and assets are created automatically. It also generates 2x from 1x assets, and vice versa. Free alternative: If you use the latest Adobe Photoshop CC version, it generates these assets for you without a plugin.

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  5. The Unarchiver for extracting and compressing files. Much better than the Archive Utility app. Icon Slate for exporting icons. TextExpander for keyboard shortcuts and snippets. With this app you create snippets to help you code faster, and to make you more productive.

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    8. You can add snippets for your email signature, or your address, or your phone number. It has potential, but I have a terrible memory, so I tend to forget my snippets and I have to search for the snippet code that I assigned. Not very efficient. Download some cool snippets. Canon EOS Utility for remote access to camera. Connect your dSLR camera to your Mac and operate it from a distance.

      Best Mac Apps for a Web Designer

      I used it in the past as a high quality live webcam p recording. I had Skype recording my screen, which was occupied by the Canon EOS Utility app, that was showing live video from the camera. CrossOver for running Windows apps. Monolingual for removing language packs and freeing disk space.

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