Pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013

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Gaji minimum PR untuk rakyat Malaysia, tidak libat warga asing, kata Guan Eng

Recent trend alos shows that there are SSC moving out from Malaysia to somewhere else for better cost efficiency. This not only happen in SSC, but also other industry. Example myself in IT project implementation where a team will formed by manager, consultant and programmer. Very often entry level programmer will hire locally because of simple skillset required, but those higher tier employee will be taken from other region but not Malaysia: Gaji Kakitangan Awam yang perlu dinaikkan bukan swasta.

Govt sector already higher than private laa. Now degree holder starting all in 3k - 3. I got an idea on how to increase salary on us.

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If Government would do this: First they need specific our job position and all employee should work as their post that have been assign. If they need work as others extra job which is not their job position, then extra pay need to apply. It just like you buying a software which is basic edition or student edition or office edition or professional edition. You need pay for extra price for any Add-On required.

I understand that many employee need to work as 1 person's job but require to work as 10 person's job but the pay is 1 person pay instead of 10 person pay. Most bosses force you to know something, do new tasks and work. If kenot solve, kena tembak. If solved, act dunno. Many things do for free without increment.

Every year, new type of workload increases. So that workload consider simple skillset that does not deserve increment? Swasta perlu juge lah Loan susah mau dapat, benefit swasta tempatan tak bagus, tak boleh time of pergi hospital kerajaan sebab memakan masa, klinik swasta satu kali masuk dah RM 50, balik baru boleh klaim RM 20 dengan majikan, macam mane?? Jan From: Many always over estimate they has high talent, in fact any Tom and Harry can do it. The If you think you are good and deserve to get more, why dont just talk to your boss or you can even hop for better outside?

GLC excluded but can the government force other private company to pay more: Gaji govt rendah pasal benefit banyak! I believe you are working in shared services centres as well? One thing which you miss out was the natural resources we had as compared to singapore..

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So in my opinion the fall of our currency value is not justified and at the same time we could be strengthening the Ringgit Malaysia currency value if we had done it right in the first place. If you have not realize if the value of our currency increased the purchasing power of ours would increase as well. Sep Apr Dec From: I've seen many school teacher drive new VW to work scirocco, golf and polo.

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Feb Gred 17 pun ada gaji 3k SPM woi Aug May I dont think is difficult to get 5 figures job is SG , is just that being Malaysian our pay will be pushed down by ego sinkies where they appreciate ang moh more than Asian, even their own people. Strengthen currency willl lead to low export which is bad for exporting country like us.

SG is import country, and you may say Ringgit is demolishing recently against SG. But do observe other SEA country, their currency also depreciating which due to US economy rebounce from sub prime mortgage. Our better currency standpoint were year - where US and Euro crashed. Are we better off at that moment? Nov From: Got work still complaining no increment, become Road Surveyor laaa. Government does not add value to the economy. It just redistributes wealth by moving money around. Most of the time it goes from your pocket to Bijan's pocket.

So stop with the "kerajaaan patut buat ni", "kerajaan harus buat kajian ni" etc. Kerajaan is the problem. Always bring in fact and figure that would be the best. Ok, noted. I start doing it now. It surprising that company is endowing the ISO standard and yet never care about employee well-fare at all Sep From: Busan, Kr Kuching, Swk. This post has been edited by pandera Jan 16 , I've learn this from my current employer geh.. When you have your 1 to 1 with your superior that's the time for you to justify..

Some superior they would even pull you down and make you look bad but if you walk in with prepared details on what you have delivered.. Also make sure you talk more than he does. To your answer no strengthening our currency does not lead to lower export. In fact it's bad for all the B2C industry. Whoever who tell you shit about better for the export industry that's bullshit, the only one who gains from them would be business owner and not us. Consumer product, import cars, heavy machinery coming in to us from around the world.. When you say other SEA country which country are you referring to?

As far as I'm concerned last year when i exchange a ringgit to thai bath it was Of course with the recent riot in Thailand their currency is going down as well.. As for getting a 5 figure in SG.. I have quite a number of relative in Singapore. Singapore is finance hub.. Try looking for a high paying IT job in singapore it's not easy.

They are looking for more it administrator than towards an IT consultant. If this happen, how are you going to market your product cheaper than the rest? This is about country GDP if we were to improve our national income. Correct me if i am wrong, but this is all i learned.

Rundingan Jemaah Menteri Masih Berjalan Dan Belum Dimuktamadkan

Quick example.. Ricoh Malaysia imports all their photocopier from Japan. Thus when you buy a MFP from them the price will be higher than the year before. Sames goes to our imported cars, and any other consumable goods which we import. By today's globalization standard labour cost and overhead is not anymore an issue. Ringgit is Perhaps you have remembered your exchange wrongly. About working in SG, you are right where they are not engineering hub because most of working engineer will again come from low income country.

It is similar concept like how IT industry work. Not to say exchange rate, expenditure in MY and SG are all different where you can get cheaper house in MY but in SG, your daily grocerries, life style is cheaper. Just to put a bar of 10k without considering the remaining factor doesn't seems to be a healthy comparison. Mostly private company offer degree holder Rm 2k Just that, no allowance or whatsoever. And thats why so many peeps applied for government sector since their offer is better than private company. But not all private company liek that. Still got some offer gaji far better than gomen.

Its not gomen problem. Its those private cheapskate company problem. We vs Thailand I every year go bangkok shopping geh.. I guess when you are changing baht, probably it is I am exchanging SGD every month. The highest evert hit us is 2. You were mentioning if USD is getting stronger than us, and we will be buying more expensive stuff since we are importing. I am assuming our country do producing goods which quote in USD and export to oversea? Correct me if i am wrong. Don't be miticulus about the exact figure la.. Just look into the fact our currency against Thai bath..

It will not be stagnant 1. Owh making money in SGD ah: Singapore is really a good place to dig your 1st bucket of gold. That's why i mentioned already.. You will be making Big bucks exporting!!! Does your pocket grow fatter when the export industry does better? No right? Refer to my earlier post, i already said is national income. When business is not making money, you think employee can go further ar? There must a balance to blend between B2B and B2C. Last year went there for project, Sinkies not a place for human The matter of fact..

My relative all pure blood singaporean la.. They don't need to own a car.. You should glad of staying in Malaysia despite of all negative comparing to Singapore. The true fact of singapore is 1. Living cost is far more expensive than malaysia. You may not need a car, but once you attached on it, it is life time installment because car scrap every 10 years. Singapore is a good place for foreigner gold digging, but definitely not for long stay.

Unless you are really making really alot, otherwise middle income group in Malaysia has better life than Singapore. If you have time, read some newspaper in SG. Have you ever seen this happened in Malaysia, yes perhaps on sub prime economy crisis?

We may not feel it now because we are on our career golden age, our bargaining power is high and even company laid off, we will not be the targeting group. This country is moving toward US style, as in tomorrow wake up you may loose your job because there is someone cheaper, younger and willing to learn and ready to take over your job.

I run INVOKE Malaysia, a data analytics firm based in KL. Former MP for Pandan

Also, i used to take alot of cab when i was in SG. Guess what, many of them are actually engineer, manager, etc etc who got retrench during their 40's. They ended up be a taxi driver. Do you want to be singaporean or malaysian? FD around 1.


Wei first day investing ah? Even emergency funds ill put it into my home loan leh. Buy HDB lo.. I myself also staying in condo only in malaysia. I'm too comfortable with the malaysian system liao myself too can't live in SG.

11 thoughts on “Harga Minyak Naik: Dato’ Seri Najib Bebankan Rakyat Atas Kegagalan Sendiri”

Making better profit from companies does not mean you need to have a low currency exchange rate. People development and career progress supported from company it does not relate to lower currency exchange rate. Ask yourself la.. In a shared service it benefit companies when the exchange rate is low! I am not talking about about investment, just to pointed out when loan interest is low, the counter party interest will be low as well.

I always have my faith on you as the PM of Malaysia in the future. Keep going. Best wishes to you. Saya sokong penuh Rafizi luarkan pendapat. Sebab pada saya pun memang sokong perlu dapat persetujuan semua pihak dulu. Kita perlu pilih orang yang paling sesuai untuk jadi menteri membangunkan negara. Maafkan mereka yang tidak tahu kepentingan bagi pendapat ini di MKini. Kejayaan PH bukan sebab sumbangan seseorang sahaja, tapi ramai yang telah berkerja kuat sepanjang masa, dan juga kemarahan dan tidak puas hati rakyat penting juga dalam jatuhkan BN.

Tindakan Rafizi boleh menggelakkan BN2. Bersama kita menjalan ke jalan yang betul untuk Malaysia Baru ini. Jia You! Please sue sin chew. When I read the news from sinchew saying u are doing all this in order to be finance minister, the first thing come in my mind is: NO WAY, that must be fake news. Unless you believe unsuitable person was appointed to the cabinet, I believe the above statement is better aired through your internal channels. We, the rakyat, do not need to hear disagreements over the method of cabinet selection.

What we hope for is for good honest and competent people like yourself in the government.

pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013 Pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013
pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013 Pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013
pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013 Pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013
pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013 Pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013
pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013 Pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013
pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013 Pengumuman kenaikan gaji 11 mac 2013

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