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Corrected fastfold layout PokerStars. Fixed import errors due to player names with a colon. Winning Poker Network: Fixed tournament incorrectly importing as cash hands Updated: Tournament Detection: Updated Tournament Detection engine to v. Added full PokerStars Sweden site support.

Added support for the new client that is slowly rolling out which has new seat positions and auto-center by default. Added import support to new Bodog site variant. Added PLO fastforward support. Fixed importing of. Properly identify Powerfest PKO tournaments as progressives. Fixed import errors with new lottomattica hand history SQLite databases. Fixed HUD sometimes failing to attach to some Ignition tables. Fixed error when importing downloading hands where the BB did not post the blind. Fixed hero incorrectly getting assigned an anonymous random name which prevented from seeing hero in the replayer and hand history viewer.

Fixed 6-max hands incorrectly loading the seat replayer layout. People's Poker Network: Fixed some cards failing to import in some tournament hand histories HUD: Fixed the note editor which was not working on hero only HUD groups. Updated Russian ruble symbol to the current version used. All HUD panels are now outlined in the same color as the selected player note. Previously only the HUD panel with the note was outlined in this color. Added support for anonymous players so that session stats display correctly and that anonmyous players cannot be selected via player select.

Fixed HUD error due to 'has position' property bug introduced in v4. Fixed Hand tagging menu having text cut off and missing winning hole card rank. Fixed regression where names were not properly being masked in the replayer. Fixed HUD occasionally disappearing from all tables when closing one table. Fixed fastforward limits in various locale-specific formats. Worked around party MTT bug where the window title does not match the hand history tournament description. Fixed incorrect number of bounties for party progressive.

Fixed HUD not correctly attaching to some Winamax tables. Tournament HUD: Fixed HUD disappearing during the first hand after a blind level increase.

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Removed OnGame from auto import list due to the site no longer being in existence. Mac Only PokerStars: Memory Grabber: Removed memory grabber since it has not worked on Mac for some time due to Apple deprecating this functionality for security purposes and could cause major performance issues when enabled. Ignition Hand Grabber Beta: Added support for Bodog "rest of world" site. Fixed hero seat position for fastforward which resulted in the player to the right of the hero having their HUD missing partypoker: Worked around partypoker bug where the table name in hand histories and the window title did not match and caused the HUD not to display.

Correctly identify skin in downloaded hand histories. Fixed a few import errors with downloaded Ignition hands.

Improved table size detection. Improved table detection for a few tables which the HUD was failing to attach to. Fixed times written in generated hands from being incorrect. Fixed high stake WPN tournaments incorrectly importing with a small stakes license. Fixed missing labels. Crash reports and HUD logs are now correctly written to the new logs directory introduced in v4. Poker Edge hosts a huge database and tracks over 1.

With useful stats and a no download version of their popular software program, Poker Edge is my top pick. Calculatem Pro. Texas Calculatem Pro has set the bar high with its proprietary software, that is unmatched by other poker software programs. What it does is calculate poker odds while you are playing. Calculatem Pro is not against any TOS and is actually embraced by most online poker rooms as a helpful tool for playing online poker.

Holdem Genius. This is another tool by the makers of Calculatem Pro. I have had the chance to download the software onto a PC and try it out. I was actually quite impressed with what I found. The best advice that I can give is to use Holdem Genius in conjuction with another online poker software program.

PokerTracker 4 for Mac OS X – Supported Sites

Pokerbility is a one of a kind poker odds calculator that people use to gain the edge that just isnt attainable without the use of the software. At the time of this writing, Pokerbility is offering their software to poker players for free, given that they sign up a new real money online poker account using a Pokerbility link.

Sit and Go Shark. This poker software program was actually designed by a professional poker player named Roy Rounder. Obviously, this program only focuses on playing Sit and Gos. SharkScope is a tool that online poker players use to research the opponents at their table. It also helps players select the best table for their playing style. SharkScope is compatible with all operating systems too. Free Poker Odds Calculator. Try out our free poker odds calculator to calculate poker odds in a specified hand.

You can input your own cards and see the outcome all in this easy to use flash odds calculator. This is a web resource that I really enjoy using, and so do tens of thousands of other online poker players!

PokerTracker is an awesome software that enables you to monitor different elements of each poker session such as winnings per hand, hands per hour, cumulative profit or loss, winnings per hours, and so on. On the other hand, the Holdem Manager provides real time data that encourages quick and profitable decisions at poker tables. Poker on the Mac is what we do. And have been doing, since Playing winning poker is hard enough in your own language. Trying to understand your poker HUD in English can make that even harder if English is not your mother tongue.

Poker Copilot is completely translated into several languages. But we go one step further. We can even respond in Catalan. Got a problem? And I prefer Poker Copilot…Best product wins.

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But Poker Copilot is constantly advancing. And your product is so perfect for the Mac market. I tried to use PokerTracker 4 but I had serious database issues and glitches with windows blacking out. Poker Copilot had been flawless and very easy to use.

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poker tracking software for mac Poker tracking software for mac
poker tracking software for mac Poker tracking software for mac
poker tracking software for mac Poker tracking software for mac
poker tracking software for mac Poker tracking software for mac
poker tracking software for mac Poker tracking software for mac
poker tracking software for mac Poker tracking software for mac
poker tracking software for mac Poker tracking software for mac
poker tracking software for mac Poker tracking software for mac

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