How to convert m4v files to mp4 on mac

Tutorial: How to Convert DRM M4V to MP4 with M4VGear?

Once the M4V files have been loaded successfully, you can select the output format by clicking on the drop —down menu.

Part 2. Free Ways to Convert M4V to MP4

You have to choose MP4 file format. If you wish to adjust the video parameters like frame rate, bit rate, codec, resolution etc. You can even edit the video effects like adding watermarks, setting contrast etc. Once you have customized the settings, you are all set to proceed with the conversion. The conversion time will depend upon the video length and number of videos that are being converted.

How to Convert M4V Videos to MP4 on Mac

Usually, Joyoshare Video Converter is 30X faster than most of the video converters available on the internet. So, if you are looking for a converter that is easy to use and super fast, Joyoshare should be your first choice. Part 3. For those files, you need to seek for an exclusive iTunes movie converter online.


There are many well known names, such as TunesKit, Noteburner, Aimersoft, etc. Launch the program, then click the 'Add' button to import your iTunes M4V videos to the converter.

For the first option, you will get the DRM-free videos with exactly the same quality as original movies. Now begin to convert the iTunes movies to MP4 format by clicking 'Convert' button. Together with a built-in video editor on the web, the tool makes video editing a no afterthought.

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  4. M4V to MP4 Mac Converter: How to Convert M4V to MP4 on Mac?

The steps to initiate the conversion are very simple. The converted file will be saved to your computer later.

Convert MOV to MP4 on Mac

As far as most common people are concerned, VLC is a media player that plays all kinds of files. I should warmly remind you that VLC crashes files occasionally. Most third-party software comes with better user experience and enhanced functions. If you have a large number of M4V files waiting to be converted to MP4, the simple tricks we discussed above will not be the best choices as they are very time-consuming and inconvenient to use. A piece of software would help you out and probably the most easy-to-use shareware is Video Converter Studio for Windows.

Perhaps you tried one of the aforementioned and loved them?

Part 1. Best M4V to MP4 Converter to Convert M4V to MP4 on Mac

Which is your favorite? Fascinating tricks to help you convert M4V to MP4. HandBrake is one of the most popular tools used for converting videos from any format including M4V. Many people like it is because you can use it to convert files to formats that can be supported by any device. It is easy to transcode videos when you use this software. Step 1. Have chapters enabled or use SRT subtitles. You need to know that HandBrake will automatically play the M4V extensions unless you change the preferences. Step 2. After enabling the chapters, simply change the file extension from M4v to MP3.

Basically, the content of these files is the same and the only difference is the extension. Simply editing it will work fine. Step 3. To automatically set HandBrake M4V to MP4 preference, you need to disable the options so that future files will be efficiently stored in the new format. Convert from the media menu. Launch the VLC and then click the "Media" menu on the top left side. Choose the M4V file to convert.

Need an M4V converter?

Use the "Add" button to select one or more M4V file to be converted. Set a file name for the converted file. In the target file box, select the location folder and the name of the converted video file. Step 4. Select the MP4 as the video format for conversion. Step 5. Adjust settings.

M4V to MP4: How to Convert iTunes M4V Movies to MP4 on Mac

You can use the menu with the tools icon to change the configuration of the final file. You can choose the supported audio and video codecs such as bitrates, resolution, frame rate and audio quality. Step 6. Convert M4V to MP4. The time taken to complete the conversion depends on the length, the selected settings, and the speed of your PC. Add the M4V file to the program. Open FFmpeg and add the M4V file to the program.

how to convert m4v files to mp4 on mac How to convert m4v files to mp4 on mac
how to convert m4v files to mp4 on mac How to convert m4v files to mp4 on mac
how to convert m4v files to mp4 on mac How to convert m4v files to mp4 on mac
how to convert m4v files to mp4 on mac How to convert m4v files to mp4 on mac
how to convert m4v files to mp4 on mac How to convert m4v files to mp4 on mac

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